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Don't scare with "installation process"! It is not much difficult than tiny software installation on your computer. After setting a "permission" you can start installation of your template. To do this type in your browser's URL field install.php followed by your domain name like this:
If you did everything correctly, you should see the following on your screen. If not, please check the previous steps.

Type in your username and password in the appropriate fields. After this define max sizes (x and Y) of the new pictures in the
"Max size of new pics (x)" (insert max width size of your photos) and in the
"Max size of new pics (y)" (insert max height size of your photos).
Please also define thumbnails sizes in the next 2 fields.

Please note, that if you like to leave original design of your template intact, you'd better to insert default sizes which are given in the file "sizes.txt" which is in your template's package.

Then click SUBMIT and you will see the next screen:

Now please follow the following instruction. This is MANDATORY security measure!: delete the file "install.php" from your server and set "permission" to 755 for the "config.php" file.
How to set "Permission" you can see here. After that the installation process is successfully finished and you are ready to go with your new web site!
Your web site URL as before is: and your Admin Cpanel will be available here for accessing:

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