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VideoAdmin Flash templates

What is "VideoAdmin Flash Template"?

This is for everybody who have a couple of snapshots or other more videos made by digital or other camera. The same time it is great opportunity for people who want to create web site video gallery. What about family video gallery? Collect your videos in one place and share it. Birthdays, holidays, vacations and other stuff you can easily place in your video gallery using VideoAdmin Flash Template! The template is called "VideoAdmin" as it is created by Admin Control Panel to make it easy and comfortable controlling of video files insertion process. Incredibly handy to manage your video gallery - just create the category you like, for example "My fovorite videos" and insert appropriate videos in that category. Create another category and place another videos and so on......

After installation of the template on your server (the installation process is very easy and takes just a minute and it doesn't need php MyAdmin and MySQL support) you can easily insert your video *.FLV files in different template categories. You can add or delete either videos or categories as well SEE HERE.

You can also easily make text box changes without any flash design knowledge as everything is given in the outside "Flash.fla" file. Any template text is given in the "text.txt" file and you can edit it by using any text editor, for example "Notepad".

Working with "VideoAdmin" flash template is too simple for everybody. Even child can do this! You need not any flash design knowledge, just only a beginner's html knowledge. In case of lacking this knowledge don't worry, we will support you and guarantee that you will be able to understand everything..

After you decided and bought our template please remember to upload only *.flv video files there. If your files are of other formats, please change them either using a flash converter.

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Item number: 300110373 Name: Charity Type: VideoAdmin flash templates
Name: Charity
Type:VideoAdmin flash templates
Product ID: 300110373

Item number: 300110372 Name: Building CO. Type: VideoAdmin flash templates
Name: Building CO.
Type:VideoAdmin flash templates
Product ID: 300110372

Item number: 300110369 Name: Night Club Type: VideoAdmin flash templates
Name: Night Club
Type:VideoAdmin flash templates
Product ID: 300110369

Item number: 300110368 Name: Hotel Type: VideoAdmin flash templates
Name: Hotel
Type:VideoAdmin flash templates
Product ID: 300110368

Item number: 300110367 Name: Soccer club Type: VideoAdmin flash templates
Name: Soccer club
Type:VideoAdmin flash templates
Product ID: 300110367

Item number: 300110365 Name: Hunting club Type: VideoAdmin flash templates
Name: Hunting club
Type:VideoAdmin flash templates
Product ID: 300110365

Item number: 300110364 Name: Personal video Type: VideoAdmin flash templates
Name: Personal video
Type:VideoAdmin flash templates
Product ID: 300110364

Item number: 300110363 Name: My VideoGallery Type: VideoAdmin flash templates
Name: My VideoGallery
Type:VideoAdmin flash templates
Product ID: 300110363

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